Now that the site launch was successful, I’m working on improving some of the core features of the site. I’ve added back the wacky 15 random cards packs as requested. The functionality is nearly identical to the original site except cards are selected without replacement now. While I did end up changing the method to generate random cards behind the scenes, I hope that this is a successful recreation.

Pointed out to me by users on reddit, there was also a bug with how the My Stats page was selecting data. Since All Stats does a great job of showing aggregate picks from everyone, it seems silly to have My Stats show 90+% All Stats data and little more. Now it will only show picks from your IP address if you are not logged in.

All Stats was one of the most fun to code as it determines which cards to display by wrestling with a pretty massive array of inputs. Currently, this process is working well enough, but I worry that over time the approach I’m using will result in page load times slowing to a crawl. For now I’m not going to be doing much but pondering a long-term solution and keeping an eye on load times, but let me know if you notice things slowing down on your end.

New Features:

  • Developer blog added.
  • Re-added wacky 15 pack draft booster. It has its own stats page and picks from it will only impact the all-stats page.


  • Tweaked the way that All Stats orders and displays cards. Should be a lot faster and scale better as picks are added.
  • Fixed an issue where My Stats was showing all guest stats to unregistered users.

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