The site has been live for 24 days now, and I am pleased to report there have been no catastrophic happenings on my end. While relatively simple, this site does have a fair number of moving pieces. I still have yet to crack the process of updating the site properly, so I’m still meddling with production. For this reason functional updates are going to be slow-coming while I sort out how to not reapply the wings while the plane is in the air.

Clocking in at 378 picks per day, my SQL approach to pick-logging seems successful. Because packs are recorded even if no pick is submitted, the largest database table I need to worry about is growing 541 rows per day. This being my first major SQL project, I’m not sure what to expect as this table grows. I’ve been bouncing around a few alternative approaches that should ease any long load times that start cropping up, but until I hear reports or experience that myself I’m going to keep chipping away at long-term solutions.

As for features I put together a leaderboard for tracking which registered users have picked the most cards. Congrats to MiniThanatos for being the initial top of the leaderboard. Will his reign continue uncontested?

New Features:

  • Leaderboard added.


  • Better backend reporting for future site enhancement purposes.
  • Overall revamp of my local data processing approach.

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